6 Things to Know before Renting a Generator


We understand that renting a generator for a job can be a bit much at times. It could be your first go around or your 20th, it still can be a daunting task. As a CAT® dealer in the industry, we empathize with you and want to ensure your renting experience is as smooth as possible. That’s why we wanted to collect a few key questions to consider that you as a customer can equip yourself with before you rent.


What voltage do you need? 

Knowing the correct voltage and how many amps is essential in determining the type and size of generator. Voltage requirements vary depending on the type of equipment you intend to power.  The voltage will be listed on the data plate that is attached to the piece of equipment.  The amps are what get the job done.  They do the work at hand.  This will also be listed on the data plate of the equipment. We know It can be a challenge to read the data plates, let us help with that.


Don’t know the size or voltage you need? Well, what are you powering up?

Paint us a picture and provide us with as much information as you can. By providing our team some context of what service entails, we can effectively provide you the best recommendation! For instance, if you’re looking to power a job trailer for a construction site we would recommend, blank generator. Now with that said, you may want to consider more in-depth factors regarding the trailer, like general size and types of equipment that may be powered by it. By painting us a picture you’ll not only have a grasp of what you need, but your Rental Representative will as well!


How much cable do you need?

The amount of cable you need will depend on the size of your generator and the distance between your generator and the equipment you are powering. It’s important to make sure that you have enough cable to safely and efficiently power your equipment.


How often will you run the generator?

As you consider renting a generator, it’s important to account for how often you will be running it. If you plan on running your generator frequently, you will need to perform maintenance more often to keep it running smoothly. We have guidelines for Service intervals that are recommend. Not to mention, understanding the generator’s run-time, will give your rep better insight on the size you’ll be needing. For example, a generator that will be running for long periods of time, you may need a larger, more powerful generator that can handle the load. Overall, knowing your anticipated run-time will not only help you plan out your project, but it will also give us the insight needed to ensure we provide you with the best service.


How long do you need to rent the generator?

Knowing the duration of your rental period will help us determine the cost of the rental and ensure that the generator is available for the time you need it. It’s also important to note that we offer 3 different rental levels, daily, weekly, and monthly. By knowing the duration of the project will allow you to determine the most appropriate rental period.  This of course, circles back to understanding your budget as well. Understanding what your budget is for your overall project will become your guardrails as you move forward. At Ziegler we offer different rates according to this information and will assist in determining what best fits your budget.


Are you going to pick up the generator, or do you need it delivered?

Our team is able to provide you whatever arrangement you need! If you need it delivered, we are more than happy to arrange transportation to get it to the necessary destination. If you’re looking to pick it up yourself, let us know! We will ensure that the generator is available and ready to go. Certain restrictions apply to customer pickup.


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