New to the Fleet – Electric Machines!

Over the past year, Ziegler Rental has amped up their fleet with electric machines for various different jobs and industries. Though the transition is on-going, the incorporation of electric machines has proven to provide key benefits to the jobsite. For example, machines like the Kato Mini-Excavator no longer needs the removal of hydraulic fluids. Not only will this save time for customers on the jobsite, but it will also minimize the risk of potential contamination.

Toro E-Dingo™ 500 Compact Utility Loader

The Toro E-Dingo is the first compact utility loader powered by a lithium-ion battery in the Toro product line. The purpose for incorporating a battery powered machine is to give the customer the opportunity to conserve energy and minimize maintenance. Not to mention, with solid non-marking tires, the Toro E-Dingo is the perfect machine for indoor flooring and demolition applications. Overall, by adding this to our fleet we are giving our customers another option to optimize their workplace.


Kato Mini-Excavator – Coming soon!!

Coming soon to a branch near you, we are excited to introduce the Kato Mini Excavator! The purpose of adding an electric mini-excavator to our already well established CAT product line is to provide another dimension to our fleet. With this addition, we are giving our customers another option to increase their efficiency on jobsites. Not only does the machine meet zero-emissions, it also reduces the risk of contamination in sterile environments, like hospitals or clinics.


One machine that has been added to the fleet is the JLG Davinci scissor lift. This innovative machine has brought scissor lifts to a new level (no pun intended). The Davinci is focused completely around saving our customers money and improving efficiency on the worksite. For example, with a 24V lithium-ion battery that can last up to 10 years, this electric scissor lift can now withstand the test of time while also reducing maintenance costs. Not to mention, the complete removal of hydraulics within the machine will also minimize hydraulic leaks, which again will cut down the overall cost for our customers. It’s also important to note that the charge time for these machines is only about 30 minutes, minimizing the fear of down-time and increasing potential productivity on the jobsite.


Hybrid HLS-200

The HLS-230 is a solar-diesel hybrid tower that is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This hybrid light tower is able collect solar energy in practically any condition, even the harshest Midwest winters. With this 4th generation technology, Hybrid Light Solutions has been able to minimize engine run time and maximize the ability to use of renewable energy. Similar to the other machines we discussed, the hybrid light tower’s purpose is to not only save energy, but also save our customer time and money.